Our Passion

All of us at Nara Logics believe AI is incredibly cool and promising. That’s why we work here.

But what drives us every day isn’t the black magic stuff some people imagine when they think of AI and its oceans of data. (Actually, we think inexplicability and reliance on massive data sets are what’s wrong with much of AI.)

We’re on a mission to help businesses bring out the wisdom in the data they already have. And we’re over-the-top excited about using Nara Logics’ neuroscience-inspired AI to make this happen.

With the explainable answers Nara Logics Synaptic Intelligence Platform delivers to every problem and query, organizations can empower employees and engage customers in meaningful new ways.

We’re humbled by businesses who rely on our Synaptic Intelligence Platform to make smart decisions that improve their fortunes, and those of their customers. And inspired every day to help them get even more value out of their data.

Our Roots

Nara Logics’ unique approach to AI was born at MIT, where our co-founder Dr. Nathan Wilson was a research scientist studying how the cerebral cortex processes, structures and saves data.

Because of this, instead of basing our AI solution on an abstraction of what brains do—which is how traditional neural network implementations work—we focus on the actual mathematical logic of how brain circuits compute.

And just like how neuroscience is continually informed by new discoveries, Nara Logics Synaptic Intelligence Platform is continually enhanced by our relationships with scientists around the world, including at MIT’s prestigious Simons Center for the Social Brain and Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences.

With neuroscience advances as both our foundation and our future, Nara Logics enables companies to expertly assess and associate their available data to provide the best decision support possible—with the contextual, explainable responses critical to solving important business challenges.