Nara Logics Synaptic Intelligence is a cloud-based platform that offers a RESTful API for real-time data updates and responses. Our batch processing capabilities make periodic or one-time uploads easy. And our security standards and protocols have been vetted by Global 100 companies, including leading financial institutions.

Below is an example of one Nara Logics API endpoint to give developers an idea of what our platform’s output looks like.

Example API Request

The following request looks up movie recommendations for user 123.

GET https://sandbox.platform.naralogics.com/api/v1/category/media/node?type=movie&user_id=123

Example Response

The result is a list of 25 movies, ranked and ordered for user 123.

{ "result": [ { "node_id": "27305427", "client_node_id": "HDMA10499", "category_id": "media" "display_name": "Titanic" }, { "node_id": "27309043", "client_node_id": "RAAQ86842", "category_id": "media" "display_name": "The Martian" }, ... ], "meta": { "count": 25, "offset": 0, "total_count": 178 }, "message": "Ok. (Request ID: 1234)" }