Business Applications

Sales Assistants

Consumers want to find what they’re shopping for quickly, and they’re frustrated by filtering systems that often miss the mark. Nara Logics delivers deep insights into individual customer’s preferences and habits so you can accurately personalize interactions and offerings and close more sales, faster. When tested against popular filtering engines, Nara Logics delivers a 47% increase in purchase conversions.

Read how Nara Logics customers double conversation rates.


The biggest challenge facing intelligence-driven organizations isn’t surveillance or data collection. It’s quickly corroborating the right information across sensors, streams, analyses, and sources to provide clear intelligence. Nara Logics enables faster, more responsive, and transparent decision support. It lightens the burden of analytic efforts so you can focus on the contextual nuances between options that are critical to prioritizing tasks and determining the best courses of action.

Financial Services

The types of problems Nara Logics can improve results for include matching demand with portfolio holdings, ecosystem development, and digital payment fraud.

Process Engineering

Nara Logics can provide decision support to improve process, quality, and cost optimization.