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Nara Logics’ brain-like AI platform helps companies connect their data and customers more meaningfully.

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Using the Nara platform, companies can leverage relevant data across multiple lines of business, with the goal of making the customer experience simpler, cleaner and more personal.

David Herrick, a financial services industry veteran with previous executive roles at American Express and Barclaycard


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Nara Logics’ brain-like AI platform was developed by neuroscientists from MIT. Our technology leverages the latest advancements in computational neuroscience to extract knowledge from your data and add intelligence to your business.

Unlike traditional neural networks that require an extensive training period, Nara is designed to quickly learn and adapt to different industries and business needs. Our technology is architected to get companies up and running fast – within 2 months.

Nara Logics is sophisticated, yet simple to use. Our platform-as-a-service operates via a RESTful API and securely integrates with your current tech stack. We’re scalable and built to support all of your channels, from internal systems, to email, web, and mobile applications.

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