Synaptic Intelligence Platform from the Engineering Perspective

Nara Logics Synaptic Intelligence Platform uses breakthrough brain-science learnings to associate and process information, and deliver recommendations you can actually trust. It’s the only AI Platform that gives you highly accurate answers complete with the “why’s” behind them – even with small data sets.

Now, there’s no reason to be consumed with gathering ever-more data, figuring out AI’s intricacies, or second-guessing your results. With Nara Logics, developers are free to focus on creating your AI applications or dive into model-building. And your analysts and decision makers can focus on the contextual nuances between options to determine the best courses of action.

What Our Platform Does


Takes in data with different cadences and formats — real-time, periodic, structured, unstructured.


Builds explicit connections and learns how to create inferred relationships between information for better results.


Responds to context-based inquiries in milliseconds with a rank-ordered set and the reasons behind each recommendation.

Nara Logics AI for Developers

AI can be incredibly fun and rewarding. That’s why we got into this business. And probably why you did, too.

That’s also why we built Nara Logics Synaptic Intelligence Platform to give developers choices in how you use it.

Want to dive into model-building?

Use our platform’s machine learning capabilities and brain-science-based algorithms to develop models that deliver extremely accurate predictions and recommendations. While our platform is similar to traditional machine learning in some ways, you’ll be happily surprised at the differences that make your work more effective.

Want to focus on the AI application instead?

Our platform provides rich AI functionality that makes it easy for IT team members to manage data ingest and ongoing updates, tune the platform’s Connectome, provide feedback, and more. This frees you to focus on building an application that truly fulfills your users’ needs.