How It Works


Take the red pill and dive into the details of how Nara Logics uses synaptic intelligence to help companies make better decisions.

Inspired by Neuroscience

Nara Logics is built on what we call synaptic intelligence. The strength of a synapse defines the strength of a connection between two neurons. We use this same connection mathematics to define when and how strongly information should be connected for better decisions in your company.


The Platform

Our platform continually learns in three phases:

  1. Sense. We take in data with different cadences and formats — real-time, periodic, structured, unstructured.
  2. Infer. Along with building explicit connections, our platform learns how to create inferred relationships between information for better results.
  3. Act. When a context-based inquiry is made to your synaptic network, Nara Logics responds in milliseconds with a rank-ordered set and the reasons behind each recommendation.