Sample Solutions

Product, sales, marketing, operations — they each use different software on a daily basis. And easily 90% of all this enterprise data is lost due to information overload across unconnected systems. Nara Logics connects and makes sense of your data to answer business problems like:

So how is Nara Logics different than other analytics or big data platforms? Aggregating information into a single data lake is only the first step. The Nara Logics Synaptic Intelligence (TM) Platform builds a network of explicit and inferred connections across all that data so you can actually do something useful with it.

Think of your data as an iceberg. Imagine you’re a salesperson tracking top leads in your CRM, and you’ve always looked at certain attributes like TITLE and COMPANY SIZE to prioritize who to call that day. But what if these weren’t the best factors to base your decisions on? Like an iceberg, most of the good stuff is still underwater.

Your business’s synaptic network finds connections you likely didn’t know existed. Nara Logics may illuminate strong connections deep in the iceberg depths from user web behavior, product preference, logistics tracking data, etc. Sales rep Bob now sees that CONTACT TIME is more important for his territory, whereas HOLIDAY impulse purchases are a focus for sales rep Rhonda.

Companies often see more than one iceberg floating in the ocean. That same unified company data in our sales lead prioritization example can also be used by marketing to recommend better products to customers in an email campaign. Or by customers wanting a more personalized app experience. The same Nara Logics synaptic intelligence network is used for each of these icebergs — there’s no need for different analytics software for different jobs in the same business.