7 Women Leading The Transition to the AI-Powered, Female-Run Workplace

By Chloe Olewitz, Wibbitz.com, Nov 14, 2017 


While the technology industry and the field of computer science were once almost entirely dominated by men, the rush of women at the forefront of pioneering AI developments today is only one example of how women are making huge progress in tech leadership. Diversity is important in every industry, and the women shattering the glass ceiling of the tech world embody the workplace evolution ushering in a more balanced work force, from the top down. 

6. Jana Eggers
Chief Executive Officer at Nara Logics  

Jana Eggers was a mathematician and computer scientist before becoming the CEO of Nara Logics, where she and her team are spearheading a very specific type of artificial intelligence. Nara Logics’ platform utilizes neuroscience-based AI and machine learning technology to build synaptic connections in huge data stores. Their approach is based on the premise that big data only matters if you’re able to build a contextual understanding around any defined dataset. Where many AI platform solutions focus on algorithms that cluster and generalize, Nara Logics drills down to specified, contextualized data matching to help businesses in virtually every industry.

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