This Is How You Future-Proof Your Brain Against Increasing Distractions

Nara Logics Co-Founder and CTO, Nathan Wilson, describes how technology can help us in a world with information overload. 

By Gwen Moran, Fast Company, January 20, 2017


"THE TECH SOLUTION | Nathan Wilson thinks that technology will help us with navigating the future, including that prioritization. Wilson, equal parts brain scientist and tech expert, is the cofounder and CTO of of Nara Logics, an artificial intelligence company focused on helping businesses make better decisions. He says that a confluence of factors, including the deluge of information and the need to make faster decisions, will create a need for technology that can create systems to help us stay 'above that ocean of information, systems that can help us prune things that are not relevant, and really bring to attention things that we do need to focus on,' he says."

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