HUBweek Change Maker: Jana Eggers

Jana Eggers is CEO of Nara Logics, an artificial intelligence company based in Cambridge, with a focus on turning big data into smart actions. She will be speaking at @ HUBweek collaborator, the RIC’s Female Founders event on Tuesday, March 22.

You joined Nara Logics about a year and a half ago. What major factors were behind your decision to join the team?

As my career in software had progressed, I had gotten further from my scientific roots, as a mathematician who had worked in both life and physical sciences as well as computer science. I had a recruiter call me for a reference one day and being a great recruiter, he asked me what my dream job would be. I quipped that I had always said when I “retired” I would go back to Los Alamos and work on tech transfer, because I missed the depth of work in the sciences, so I was wondering if I had to wait for that, and if I could find job that had that combination. We laughed at my pipe dream, and then laughed again when he called me a few months later and said, “I have the perfect job for you. Neuroscience enough science for you?” So that’s the beginning of the story.  

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