About Us

Why we’re here

We believe there is a better way to find signals in noisy data. We believe that understanding the brain can help.

We believe it’s important to develop brain-inspired synaptic intelligence to help companies act on growing data.

We believe innovation happens at the junction of science and business.

Founded in 2010, Nara Logics’ mission is to apply neuroscience research to empower businesses.

What we do

Nara Logics uses synaptic intelligence to help companies make better decisions. We work hard to deliver:

  1. Knowledge + context = action. Inspired by how our brains decide on options, our engine brings together information from across your enterprise for better recommendations.
  2. Personalized and ranked. Synapses define strength of connections in our brains and in our engine. Based on this science, we provide recommendations that are individualized and scored for easy comparisons.
  3. With clear reasons why. To make a decision, you need to know why a recommendation is made. Our platform goes beyond today’s deep learning and probabilistic systems to give the reasons behind every recommendation.

Join the Team

A day at Nara could involve a pow-wow about synapses and algorithms,

a debate about the future of AI, an impromptu craft cocktail hour, or all of the above.

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