AI Weekly: The human element of AI

Article published by KHARI JOHNSON and BLAIR HANLEY FRANK, Venture Beat, OCTOBER 26, 2017. 

Above: Nara Logics CEO Jana Eggers speaks with Cisco VP Rajat Mishra onstage at VB Summit held October 23-24 at Claremont Club & Spa in Berkeley, California.

Image Credit: Michael O'Donnell / VentureBeat

This week the VB team went all out: We spent two days with some of the brightest minds in AI. Companies like Google, Pinterest, Lyft, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Walmart joined us alongside startups like Amplero, Datorama, Persado, and Clari.

What was most surprising was not the efficiency gains or improvements in ROI or CTR, though that’s all notable. More surprising were examples like talk of the importance of humility with AI at Indeed, the mistake of ignoring customers and noise in data that Pinterest brought up, or how AI was first brought to Cisco by a small group of believers.

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