Jana Eggers keynote at Startupfest 2015

See Jana's Startupfest keynote talk, "The state of the art in demon summoning, a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence," from the summer of 2015. 

Today, the most frequent AI question Jana gets, is whether Elon Musk is right: are we summoning the demons with AI? She'll share with you a sorted version of machine intelligence to help you decide for yourself. She admits it will not be the sordid version of AI presented by people she respects greatly, like Mr. Musk, Mr. Hawking, and Mr. Gates. You'll learn the current state of machine learning, the players and their tribes, what's possible today and a bit into the future, and where she worries and where not, from the perspective of someone who considers daily if she is, indeed, in the belly of the beast.